Germanptc is scam. A true review of the site

Friday, May 15, 2015

Official Website  :
Status  : Legit But Scam

Minimum Cash Out  : $0.01
Pay Per Click Up to  : $0.005
Pay Per Ref Click Up to  : $0.005 per ref click.
Payment Methods  : Payza, PM, Payout, PayPal

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  1. This seems totally like a scam it pays out the first withdrawal if under $20 dollars and maybe a second time but after that it will not pay.. even after sending support ticket after support ticket. they will just ignore you or do a one line replies like we will pay you soon. that said it comes to the point of having well over 250.00 pending and never receiving one more payment. My advise to all those that read this do not upgrade higher than Golden. thats the $15 dolalr upgrade that pays $30 back. thank you for reading this and for your time.

  2. This is true scam site not paying