SedaroClick is Scam. The Truth Exposed.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Official Website  :
Status  : Legit But Scam
Minimum Cash Out  : $5.00
Pay Per Click Up to  : $0.009
Pay Per Ref Click Up to  : $0.009 per ref click.
Payment Methods  : Paypal, Payz, PMoney

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  1. What is Sedaroclick and how can You earn some money?

    On the Web has been expanded a lot of programs that allow users to view and clicking ads and earn some money! Severe competition and rivalry are the reason that companies allocate a huge sums of money on advertising programs such as ours allow that these ads are grouped together .. From you depends on which package you choose, and how many ads a day can you click and by doing so create earnings ..

    Sedaroclick is completely Slovenian concerned group and the registration is recorded in English beacuse Slovenia is absolutely too small for such a large thing that we create .. We 'll now help you to became a part of this site , and be expectualy part of this big story and this of course in English and Slovenian language!
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    Those who are not up to clicking on ads, we have prepared a special package that is big BOOM for those which know people that would be thrilled to Sedaroclick .. names the SC MATRIX .. ..for this package is paid a monthly fee of $ 10 for each new member you bring in Sedaroclick and he takes this same package .. .. you earn $ 8! Bring two .. .. you earn $ 16 .. ..for three $ 24 .. .every month until you and your members pay a subscription !! You can build a nice monthly income ..
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    1. Thank you for your detailed comment Sebastijan

    2. yes its true !!! sedaroclick rools!!!