Neobux scam complaints. The truth exposed

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Even though neobux is a well establish site  most people are not satisfied with some of the aspects of the site. The biggest complain about the site is that the rented referrals are bots. People who buy referrals is very dissatisfied with their system. Bellow are some of the comments I found all around the Internet about the site.

Rented Refferals are Bots! You can buy Rented Bots on fiverr.100 Refferals for $5.LOZ

Hi, I have lost $200 today.When i insisted to refund and i said i will file case against them then they have closed my account. Is there anyway to get FBI online crime involve to get his owner on jail. He looted thousands of people. NEOBUX is biggest Scam

Neobux SCAM! Long time running scam.. Rent Referrals BOT! They ban me for no reason, I contact them but admin did not reply to me.

OMG let's be honest... after weeks of effort, you get nothing... 0.0XX can you buy a MCChicken with that? NO. Maybe it's better if u go for a walk (outside your home) look around and you'll find a cent (in street) without doing nothing... EXTRA LOL!!!

Think about someone really going to pay you any serious money for clicking ads? Think they'll actually pay you more for buying a membership? Yeah, I fell for it too and after 8 months and $150.00 out of pocket, I got a whopping $37 return.

Waste of time! The Rent Referrals of Neobux is BOT.. No matter many RR you recycled its always not clicking and low avg clicks.

very slow,,,,but i can live with this money..without food ...Lkr4.56 for day

never try to rent referrals , you'll lose your money waiting them to click and they

If you rent referrals, you will lost money because the neobux admin manipulate the profit and use this to steal the users money.

Neobux is Worst Ever PTC site -> Rented Referrals are Bots..


very good scam site Neobux Rent Referrals is Bot, Real Scam.. Go to emoneyspace and Vote Down Neobux.. Need to Down this shit neobux..

RR are bots, a waste of money and time in long-term and the Ads numbers are decreasing. I dont recommend it.

 AD reset time is a bad time - RR are stupid people - they do not allow advertising competitors sites - stupid flash plugin detection - automatically logout - etc

scam site never earn i upgrade with $90 and invest $328 and get after 1 year $334 so i lost about $90 , scammers i waste my time and money i left it from about 1 year

I dont know if it is SCAM but it have very low rates,1 week for making just 0.2 $,very very low!!!

After registration, my IP was banned from accessing the site. This was verified by the fact that I could access it using Tor. They are probably after e-mail addresses for sending out spam and possible hoping you will use the same password as for PayPal.

yes they are paying...but i do not recommend anyone to invest in this site especially renting refferals, i think the refferals are just bots, they control the clicks to make sure you wont make any profits.

All members of neobux will understand why RR is Bots when he/she 3 months old members of neobux.. RR is getting worse and you can't keep extend the RR. I'm veteran PTC members of many PTC site that's why I know neobux is "Scam RR"

Neobux is King of Bots.. It still paying but Rent Referrals are bot! Don't invest in RR you will lose your money..

guys,please dont join neobux.surely neobux a scam.rented referrals are bots and they will take your investment.

Neobux is King of Bot.. RR have pattern same time of clicking, same day of absent and same click avg it so obvious Bot.. Very Bad RR avg.

the site is paying...but my referral avg are very low i am recycling and extending using referral strategies but avg is lowing day by day the default avg is 0.37 very bad..don't waste ur valuable time on ptc all sites will be scam on future

Neobux was great before 2,3 years ago. I had 450+ RR. But RR average was dropped below 0.5 now. Anybody should not waste your time on Neobux. It is the best of bad now. It seems like that Reggen and only few other guys are making profits on Neobux. :(

Don't join!!! my avg is about 0.4 with 490 referrals. I cannot get my investment back.

Scam they use Bot in Rent Referrals.. All your RR have click avg below 2.0 it so obvious Bot.

WARNING don't use mobile devices or your account get suspended! Lost a lot of money because RR don't work also and now I can't get my money out!

out of millions of users, only thousands of users are telling good. If you go deep into site, U'll understand their cheating. I once thought good. Reality is diff my friends. Warning!!! 


  1. should i quit? give an advice plz, i dont want waste my time anymore, contact me :(,com

  2. You right, i think neobux is king bot, like you

  3. To be honest i was a member of neobux before.
    , -> They pay instantly
    -> Job pay is a bit higher in neobux
    -> Some good prizes in Adprize
    But Rented referals system seems fishy , they don´t give out a profit most of the time, or barely make it to a profit.
    The reason i think they are bots are: They sometimes click 3 times on ads, who the hell leaves one ad behind? . As soon as ur a golden member ur Average clicking starts dropping. (Fishy?) Yes.
    (Dont get me wrong neobux is still a great webpage but having to pay $800ish dollares to get full upgrade its just ridiculous.. and that rented referall system just seems a way to make a bit more money..)

    So i went in for a PTC site without those kind of scams , and i found Clixsense.
    Clixsense is up for a bit more time than neobux, has more bonuses to people who are active , and best it doesnt have that rented referall crap.

    Sign up for Clixsense and try it out! :)

  4. From March 22, 2015 no ANY comment? So, first:
    Guys, full-text search on the Internet finds those comments that you have placed there only in two places: on this site and site (FAKE, because REAL ptc-investigation now is on Facebook). So your comments are fake.

  5. go here to report them:

  6. it's a scam. They delete any account with $50 and tells you that you forgot your username and password combinition.