What is adprize on Neobux

Friday, July 4, 2014

Neobux has been one of the online since 2008!. Ever since the site is evolving with more features. Adprize was introduced on January 14th 2012 by Fernando the CEO of Neobux. It's main goal was just to replace click grid.

 It's kind of like a lottery. With each advertisement viewed on Neobux you receive two Adprize chance. These prizes can be anywhere from $0.25 to $50, Neopoints which are reward points that you can use on the site, and even a free Golden Membership on Neobux.

These adprizes are given to members everyday. You can find members are posting their success story's on the Neobux forum. Follow the bellow link to see.


For advertisers the system helps to get extra views of their website.

Altogether, Adprize from Neobux is a great way to win cash there is no grantee that you'll win them frequently. Its all chance, like lottery, it could take 1 click or it could take 1,000 clicks for you to win an adprize.
I found this thread would give an idea about how it works


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